The Quad Wall Clock In The Gamblers An Original Short By Newgate Clocks

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Post Original-Fantastic-Voyage-UK-Quad-Film-Movie-Poster-1960-Tom-Beauvais-Linen-01-hs

Original Fantastic Voyage, UK Quad, Film/Movie Poster 1960, Tom Beauvais Linen

We adore the rich and sumptuous artwork by. Beauvais for 60s entertaining sci-fi romp […]

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Post Original-The-Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show-UK-Quad-Linen-Film-Movie-Poster-1975-01-zn

Original The Rocky Horror Picture Show, UK Quad, Linen Film/Movie Poster 1975

The very rare country-of-origin and original-year-of-release UK quad poster for cult musical comedy. The […]

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Post Original-The-Day-of-the-Triffids-UK-Quad-Film-Movie-Poster-1962-01-hn

Original The Day of the Triffids, UK Quad, Film/Movie Poster 1962

Exceedingly rare UK quad for Ealings 40s war drama. Featuring very powerful and arresting […]

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Post Original-Dirty-Harry-UK-Quad-Film-Movie-Poster-1971-Clint-Eastwood-01-kw

Original Dirty Harry, UK Quad, Film/Movie Poster 1971, Clint Eastwood

The very cool first-year-of-release UK Quad poster for. Don Siegel’s classic 70s thriller. Starring […]

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Post Original-Quatermass-and-the-Pit-UK-Quad-Film-Movie-Poster-1967-Chantrell-01-vbto

Original Quatermass and the Pit, UK Quad, Film/Movie Poster 1967, Chantrell

Exceedingly rare country-of-origin poster for the 60s Hammer sci-fi. Quatermass and the Pit. Featuring […]

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Post Original-Cool-Hand-Luke-UK-Quad-Film-Movie-Poster-1967-Paul-Newman-01-ez

Original Cool Hand Luke, UK Quad, Film/Movie Poster 1967, Paul Newman

We adore the alternative day-glo graphics that feature on the British poster for Paul […]

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Post Original-Bullitt-UK-Quad-Film-Movie-Poster-1968-Chantrell-01-ws

Original Bullitt, UK Quad, Film/Movie Poster 1968, Chantrell

The magnificent Style A UK Quad for Steve McQueen’s Bullitt. Lovely swirl style artwork […]

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Post Gangster-Squad-Official-Trailer-Hd-01-qmds

Gangster Squad Official Trailer Hd

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Post Original-The-Searchers-UK-Quad-Film-Movie-Poster-1956-John-Wayne-01-vcf

Original The Searchers, UK Quad, Film/Movie Poster 1956, John Wayne

Here is the exceedingly rare and very special UK Quad for bonafide John Ford […]

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